Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Late September Announcements

VCTM would like to share with you two important announcements that came out
shortly after the release of our September eNewsletter.


1) Relevant to any grade level: VCTM is pleased to announce that the Third Annual
Statewide Math Fair will be hosted again at The University of Vermont on Saturday
April 6, 2019. Whether or not your students have participated in the past, do save the
date! Fresh off the press, this event flyer will tell you all you need to know about how
to get your students involved in this highly accessible and authentic opportunity to
learn and explore mathematics. Our online registration form is already up and running
and can be accessed here on the event webpage. Be on the lookout for more
information coming your way in future VCTM announcements and newsletters.

2) Pertinent to Middle and High School educators: The Vermont State Mathematics
Coalition (VSMC) has just released the first Talent Search Problem Set of the 2018-19
school year. Here is a message from VSMC's Executive Director Bob Chaffee regarding
this exciting opportunity for mathematics students in our state:

The Vermont State Mathematics Coalition has sponsored a statewide "Mathematics Talent Search
Program" every year since 1993. The Talent Search is conducted in the following manner. Four times
during the school year a set of challenging math problems are posted on this website. Topics covered
on the tests are from arithmetic, Geometry, algebra, and pre-calculus. Copies of the test are given to
interested students at each of the schools. The students have approximately four weeks to solve the
problems and then each student submits his/her solutions to the director of the program for grading. If
students are only able to solve one or two problems, they are still encouraged to submit their
solutions. During the following two week period the tests are scored, statistics are gathered, results
are returned to the students, and solutions and top scorers are posted on this website. At the end of the
year the top students in the state are given prizes and are honored at a Coalition dinner along with
their parents. High school-aged winners are also provided full scholarships to attend the week-long
summer Governor's Institute in Mathematical Sciences in residence at the University of Vermont.
More information about and rules for the talent search may be found here.

In case you missed our last edition of the newsletter, check it out on our VCTM blog
here. There is tons of information in this edition about fall conferences (including
VCTM's own Fall Conference on October 19) for educators that teach mathematics (at
any level).

Friday, September 21, 2018

VCTM September eNewsletter

Now that we have settled into our roles in classrooms and learning communities around the state, VCTM would like to provide you with all that you need to know about the jam-packed lineup of professional learning opportunities in and around our region this fall. It’s math conference season, folks! You can count on us to give you the critical information you need to register and continue your professional growth as a mathematics educator. Regardless of your fall PD plans, we hope to see many new and familiar faces at our own conference next month at Norwich University!

In this edition of the VCTM eNewsletter, you will find:
  • Important Upcoming Dates for Math Educators and Students
  • The Best Reasons to Attend VCTM’s Annual Conference 
  • Announcements from the VCTM Board of Officers
  • Need-to-Knows for all that is ATMNE 2018
  • A Message from NCTM about the Upcoming NE Regional Conference
  • Some Convincing Reasons to Try the Expanding Horizons Program 

Important Upcoming Dates for Math Educators & Students
Local state events denoted with *

October 4, 2018 NCTM Northeast Regional Conference & Exposition (Hartford, CT)
October 19, 2018 VCTM Annual Fall Conference (Northfield, VT)*
December 6-7, 2018 ATMNE Fall Conference (Warwick, RI)
March 30, 2019 Vermont STEM Fair (Northfield, VT)*
Late March/Early April, 2019 (Date TBA) VCTM Statewide Math Fair (Burlington, VT)*

The Best Reasons to Attend VCTM’s Annual Conference
Norwich University - Northfield, VT - October 19

Whether or not you are a member of VCTM of past or present, we welcome your presence and contributions at our fall conference on October 19. This year we’ve returned central to the campus of Norwich University and hope to bring together voices in mathematics education from all corners, peaks and valleys of the state and across all grade bands. We’re excited to see many speakers addressing K-8 audiences this year to provide a more balanced perspective and relevant experience for all of those with us on this exciting full day of collaboration, including a mid-morning keynote from John Tapper of St. Michael’s College. In addition to some impactful ideas and practical methods in teaching and learning mathematics, every attendee will walk away with an official VCTM t-shirt! The deadline for early bird registration (at a discounted rate of $115) is September 28... and we are accepting PO’s this year! All you need at the time of registration is your PO # (and the PO-processing contact info).

If you wish to see the full conference program or are ready to register, that all can be found on our 2018 Fall Conference event page on the VCTM website.

Announcements from VCTM’s Board of Officers

A few members of our current VCTM Board are getting ready to move on and pass the torch to the next generation of leaders in math education in Vermont. Could this be you? Are you willing to join us in our mission to build a robust community of math educators and expand opportunity for our Vermont students to engage in and access mathematics?

At our conference in one month’s time, VCTM plans to present a new slate of officers at the business meeting. We anticipate potential vacancies in our president-elect, secretary, NCTM representative, and zone representative positions among others. We’re looking for dedicated volunteers that can commit to the one or two year terms of these positions. Duties and commitments vary by position and some come with perks. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact our current leadership for more information by reaching out to our co-presidents at

If joining the VCTM board at a full capacity sounds like too much to take on, we still welcome what you can contribute in support of our organization’s mission. Many hands make light work! Much of our event planning and yearly programming is comprised of small tasks that are simple and quick to accomplish but collectively consume much of our human resources and time. One of our new initiatives this year as an organization is to engage more of our math teaching community in ancillary ways that allows connections to form and professional collaboration to take place outside of school setting without the big commitment of being a board member. As such, the board is always looking for volunteers, whether this be a single event or a sustained helping hand with one aspect of what we do on regular basis. To get involved or get more information, please send a message to our VCTM co-presidents at

Need-to-Knows for all that is ATMNE
Warwick, RI - December 6-7

As announced in our last couple editions of the eNewsletter, the Rhode Island Mathematics Teachers Association (RIMTA) is hosting this years ATMNE fall conference in what sure is to be a memorable event.

Currently, there is a call for volunteers. This push now includes pre-service educators!

If you haven’t registered yet and you would like to or if you wish to inquire about other event details including conference registration, hotel accomodations, or the full two-day program of speakers, visit the ATMNE 2018 webpage.

You can jump directly to online registration by visiting the RIMTA event page for ATMNE 2018.

NCTM Regional Conference
Hartford, CT - October 4-6

From NCTM:

The NCTM 2018 Regional Conference & Exposition in Hartford on October 4-6 is rapidly approaching. Don’t miss your opportunity to learn from fellow educators, discover new innovations and resources, and develop new skills to take back to your classroom.

Some Convincing Reasons to Try the Expanding Horizons Program

NOW is the time to consider bringing college and university level mathematics into your classroom this school year through the Expanding Horizons program produced by the Vermont State Math Coalition. It’s simple and costs nothing!

“But wait - I teach middle level students!”

The multitude of highly qualified presenters of the Expanding Horizons program cater to many different grade levels. Some presentations can even be adapted for elementary levels. Take a look yourself on the Expanding Horizons webpage. Simply choose a topic/presenter of interest and contact the presenter directly to set it up.

“This doesn’t fit perfectly in my curriculum this year.”

Open up the world to your students and allow them to wonder quantitatively and observe mathematics in its most classic, applied and even paradoxical forms! This project by VSMC is a wonderful intellectual opportunity for students to learn and access mathematics in a different way.

For further information, contact the EH Chair John Devino at or 802-863-5403.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

VCTM July eNewsletter

As we all embark for summer, VCTM would like to leave you with a couple short announcements regarding regional and (inter)national opportunities for math educators coming up in the second half of the year!

In this edition of the VCTM eNewsletter, you will find:
  • Important Upcoming Dates for Math Educators and Students
  • ASA/NCTM Statistics Workshops Announcement From NCTM
  • Featured Speakers of ATMNE 2018

Important Upcoming Dates for Math Educators & Students
Local state events denoted with *

July 9-11, 2018 NCTM Affiliate Leaders Conference (Indianapolis, IN)
July 31-August 1, 2018  ASA/NCTM Statistics Workshops (Vancouver, BC)
October 4, 2018 NCTM Northeast Regional Conference & Exposition (Hartford, CT)
October 19, 2018 VCTM Annual Fall Conference (Northfield, VT)*
December 6-7, 2018 ATMNE Fall Conference (Warwick, RI)

ASA/NCTM Statistics Workshops for Middle and High School Teachers
Vancouver, BC - July 31-August 1

From NCTM:

The Meeting Within a Meeting (MWM) Statistics Workshop for Middle and High School Mathematics and Science Teachers will take place at JSM on July 31–August 1, 2018. The workshop is offered by the American Statistical Association (ASA)/National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Joint Committee on Curriculum in Statistics and Probability in conjunction with the Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) 2018 in Vancouver, BC, Canada, though registration for JSM is not required.
MWM will strengthen understanding of statistics and provide hands-on classroom activities aligned with NCTM standards, Common Core State Standards, BC Mathematics Curriculum, and Next Generation Science Standards. Optional graduate credit is available. The MWM program is posted online.

Registration is just $50, and the ASA will refund $25 to the first 30 teachers/supervisors who register and attend. Teacher educators, supervisors, and pre-service teachers are also welcome. Additionally, the Puget Sound Chapter of ASA will also refund $25 to the first 20 Washington teachers who register and attend. Registration will be open until July 16 or until the course fills, but a limited number of scholarships and reimbursements are available, so act quickly and register soon!

Featured Speakers of ATMNE 2018
Warwick, RI - December 6-7

The Rhode Island Mathematics Teachers Association (RIMTA) is hosting this years ATMNE fall conference in what sure is to be a memorable event, with many notable speakers, including NCTM President-elect Robert Berry, whom we advertised in our last eNewsletter. This time around, we’d like to continue generating excitement by sharing RIMTA’s spotlight on more prominent voices in mathematics education, among them Jenny Bay Williams and Cathy Fosnot:

To register and inquire other event details, visit the RIMTA event page for ATMNE.

Monday, May 21, 2018

VCTM May eNewsletter

In this edition of the VCTM eNewsletter, you will find:
  • Important Upcoming Dates for Math Educators and Students
  • VCTM Fall 2018 Conference (new)
  • VCTM Second Annual Statewide Math Fair (recap)
  • VCTM Math Morsels (recap)
  • VCTM Rookie of the Year (repeat)
  • Mathematics Teacher Leadership Opportunity in Vermont (new)
  • Vermont State Math Coalition Talent Search (recap)
  • ATMNE Fall 2018 Conference (new)
  • NCTM/NCSM Annual Meetings (recap)
  • T-Cubed Summer Workshops & Summits (repeat)

Important Upcoming Dates for Math Educators & Students
Local state events denoted with *

May-August 2018 T-Cubed Texas Instruments Summer Workshops (Various Locations/Virtual)
June 2018 T-Cubed Texas Instruments Regional Summits (Various Locations)
June 24-29, 2018 Governor’s Institute of Vermont on Mathematics (Burlington, VT)*
July 9-11, 2018 NCTM Affiliate Leaders Conference (Indianapolis, IN)
October 4, 2018 NCTM Northeast Regional Conference & Exposition (Hartford, CT)
October 19, 2018 VCTM Annual Fall Conference (Northfield, VT)*
December 6-7, 2018 ATMNE Fall Conference (Warwick, RI)

VCTM Fall 2018 Conference

The Vermont Council for Teachers of Mathematics is proud to announce the date and location for our annual fall conference and we hope you will consider attending and/or speaking at this event! This fall, the VCTM fall conference, aptly titled Moving Mountains with Mathematics, will take place on October 19 at Norwich University (Northfield, VT) so make sure to save the date. We hope that by returning to a central location it will allow mathematics educators from all corners, peaks, and valleys of our state to attend and join together in continuous dialogue, active learning, networking and above all progress for mathematics education in our beautiful, mountainous state.

Registration is not yet open but we are currently calling for presenters at this annual event. Regardless of your presentation experience, we welcome you to submit a proposal on our website. Spots are limited and there are three options for session length (30, 50, or 75 minutes). Like previous years, we anticipate a variety of session topics that appeal to all grade bands.

As we approach the event date this summer and fall, please visit our website and be on the lookout for future announcements, including our day-at-a-glance, directions to the event, and more.

VCTM Second Annual Statewide Math Fair
University of Vermont - April 7, 2018

VCTM would like to recognize the stellar student projects submitted and presented at the second annual statewide math fair in April. Building on last years’ inaugural fair, we are excited to report a significantly higher turnout in student participation, public attendance, and representation from a variety of schools and districts in our state. There were many smiling faces and brilliant mathematical investigations to be seen and heard throughout the morning at the University of Vermont, some of which were spotlighted in a story from WCAX!

We look forward to the future of this event as it continues to grow and offer more opportunity for rich mathematical exhibition for the aspiring and inspiring young mathematicians in Vermont. If your student(s) missed out this year or wishes to submit a project again, be on the lookout for information this fall. VCTM also wants to thank our judges, organizers, and donors for their generous assistance in producing this event as well as the constructive feedback offered from all participants!!

VCTM Math Morsels Recap

During Vermont’s slow transition to spring, VCTM hosted six Math Morsels events where teachers were “excited about talking to other math teachers and getting a chance to share and hear our struggles.” We played games, solved problems, snacked and chatted around mathematics in a “fun, friendly, mathy” atmosphere. In our efforts to bring FREE and fantastic networking opportunities to our members around the state, the events were held in Richmond, Fairfax, Montpelier, Randolph, Newport, and Brattleboro. Participant feedback has been positive, citing refreshing connections with teachers from different levels, and appreciation for “an opportunity to share ideas about math and pedagogy/curriculum.”  VCTM looks forward to providing more of these events in the 2018-2019 school year and we hope you’ll join us! (*all quotes are taken from participant surveys)

VCTM Rookie of the Year

VCTM is still accepting submissions for nominations for the annual Rookie of the Year Award!

The only criterion, beyond doing amazing things in the classroom, is that the awardees be in their first three years of teaching. One elementary teacher (K-5), one middle grades teacher (6-8), and one high school teacher (9-12) will be selected for this award.

Recipients will be invited to attend the fall conference (at no charge) where they will be announced and recognized as Rookie of the Year. They will receive free VCTM membership for the following year, be requested to write an article for the eNewsletter, and VCTM will offer them an invitation to present at the following VCTM Fall Conference. In addition there will be a small cash award and certificate given to recipients.

Submissions will be accepted through June 1, 2018. You will be asked to include a letter of recommendation as part of your nomination. You can submit your nominations through our online form linked below and posted VCTM website.

Mathematics Teacher Leadership Opportunity in Vermont

From Heather Bouchey, Acting Vermont Education Secretary:

Dear Mathematics Educators,
We are looking to recruit three exceptional high school mathematics educators in Vermont to pioneer an exciting mathematics initiative with the Vermont State Colleges, Agency of Education, and VSAC GEAR UP.
Selected educators will spend one week this summer working together to design a math class to bridge the gap between high school and college. You will work with college math faculty, other high school teachers, and education professionals. Together, you will address the challenges students face in the transition from high school to college math by:

  1. Formulating rigorous and achievable learning outcomes;
  2. Designing a delivery model to engage students and build success;
  3. Creating curriculum materials and lessons; and
  4. Designing assessments to measure student growth and understanding.

Your work will create a pilot course that will be piloted in a few select Vermont high schools to provide students with improved self-efficacy, improved math fluency, and decreased math anxiety.

What is involved?

  • Stipend: $3,000 for summer work paid by VSAC’s GEAR UP program
  • One week summer curriculum design workshop (July 30 - Aug 3) 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. in central VT location
  • Overnight accommodations provided if needed
  • Three meetings during school year (2018 – 2019) to follow-up (substitute coverage and meals included): October 24, 2018 and January 23 & April 3, 2019

Schools/teachers/faculty who commit to this design phase are not committing to delivering the course.

You can access the application here.

We hope that you will consider applying for this exciting opportunity!

Vermont State Math Coalition Talent Search & Expanding Horizons

The fourth and final Talent Search Contest of the year concluded in March, capping off another great series of high-level problem solving executed by promising young mathematicians in our state. The solutions and top scorers for all four Talent Search Contest problem sets are posted publicly on the Coalition’s website:

Just a few weeks ago on May 3rd, the top ten placing students were honored for their achievements accompanied by their teachers and families at the annual VSMC dinner at the DoubleTree by Hilton Conference Center in Burlington. Several of these students presented their novel solutions of various problems to a captivated audience. Some didn’t hesitate to delve into the tediousness of algebraic manipulation while others intricately walked through narrow pathways to achieve a clear and final result. Kudos to these folks and all of those students that participated. If you are a parent or teacher and have a student that missed out this year, be on the lookout for the first release of the 2018-19 Talent Search sometime this fall.

Lastly, please consider bringing college-level mathematics in to your classroom with the plentitude of presenters and topics offered through VSMC’s Expanding Horizons program. This opportunity is available at no cost to you and is a fantastic way to enrich your curriculum and bring the real work of pure and applied mathematics to your students.

ATMNE Fall 2018 Conference

Exciting things are underway in preparation for the Fall 2018 ATMNE Conference hosted by RIMTA (Rhode Island Mathematics Teachers Association) in Warwick, RI this December 6-7. Among many great speakers will be NCTM President-elect Robert Berry delivering much-anticipated information about NCTM’s new charge with Catalyzing Change. Please check out the conference flyer for event details including a quick link to register!!!

Recap from NCTM & NCSM Annual Conferences

VCTM representatives joined other math educators around the country in late April at NCTM’s annual meeting and exposition, reporting back much excitement around the innovative practices, curricular directions, and most notably the release of Catalyzing Change. Please check out the NCTM annual meeting event page for conference highlights, including some videos recapping the most memorable moments.

Please take note of the upcoming national events hosted by NCTM, including the Affiliate Leaders conference and regional conferences. Dates and further information on these events can be found on the NCTM event calendar or at a quick glance in the “Important Upcoming Dates” section of this newsletter.

T-Cubed Summer Workshops & Summits

As announced in our March eNewsletter, whether you’re looking for noteworthy professional development opportunities or simply tutorial and training on some of the top tools of mathematics instruction, consider the many workshops and regional summits offered by Texas Instruments in their T-Cubed Series during this coming summer. Some of these events are even offered virtually if travel is not possible or your schedule is booked!